About Us

We at Earbuds365 are proud of what we managed to achieve in just a few years of existing. Our team got together in late 2019, just before the global pandemic hit. Most of us worked in the audio industry for years, and some even for decades. We realized that there is a big space where we could innovate and create new and exciting products for our potential customers. 

That’s where the idea behind Earbuds365 came from. Our team of engineers took a look at competing devices and analyzed what makes them great and what doesn’t. We took inspiration from the best of the best and created our own version of those earbuds but with our unique twist on it. We developed custom software solutions and implemented new tech into our Earbuds365 buds. 

This resulted in lightweight, feature-packed, wireless earbuds that could rival and beat anything on the market quality-wise, for a fraction of the price. We knew from the start that current pricing was the thing that would set us apart. We lowered our profit margins and found affordable producers for our components. This resulted in our product being more affordable and more feature-rich than our competition. And we plan on innovating even further and bringing new and improved products to the market!